PuOO75550781Dear Friends and Family,

Almost one year ago, Rabbi Hurwitz was diagnosed with ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease. His ability to function as he was accustomed to has been challenged. It has been a dream of his for the past fifteen years to have a Torah written for our community. He cannot talk anymore, he cannot sing, he cannot play guitar, he cannot dance. What he can do is love. He can listen, he can smile, he can be there for you, and he can, together with you, write this Torah.

torah-smHow often does one get to partake in the mitzvah of writing a Torah? Now is that time, you could be part of it by purchasing a letter, word, sentence, etc. How often does one get to witness the concluding of a new Torah? As the final letter is written it becomes kosher for use, and brings a new holiness to the whole community. You could be a part of it by joining us as we finish the Torah and welcome it into its new home.


This Torah is called Torat Chaim, the Torah of Life.

May we all be inscribed in the Book of Life
for many joyous and healthy years together.